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Sales/ Foreign Sales Manager/ Executive Director

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in English, fluent in oral English, with strong communication skills and coordination ability

2. Has a good professional quality, more than 2 years of foreign sales work experience, work carefully, strong sense of responsibility, good personality, optimistic, outgoing

3. Good language skills, strong interpersonal skills, with good customer service awareness and innovative spirit, with customer management potential

4. Has good social skills, able to work, communicate with the guests  and complete the work independently.

5. Effective for production control and coordination, ensure the progress and quality; Has engaged in related leather bags, leather fabric experience

Senior Merchandiser

1. With good professional quality

2. Work actively, with good attitude

3. With a good psychological quality, have the relevant connections are good at interpersonal      communication

4. Dedicated, honest, with personal character

5. Good professional accomplishment, aggressive, has a certain ability to work under pressure

English Foreign

1.Work actively, with good attitude, have a certain ability to work under pressure

2.Has a good psychological quality of communicating with customers, has relevant contacts and understand the source of interpersonal communication

3.Dedicated, honest, with personal character

4.Has good English communication skills, use the mail fluently, can communicate with the guests and finish the work independently.

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